We already publish all new jobs on our site to our targeted audience of Safety people via our weekly email bulletin. We encourage you to subscribe to the email bulletin because it sometimes includes other information in addition to Safety jobs.

Nevertheless, we recognise that some people might want to receive job updates another way, so we've added RSS feeds to our site. This allows you to receive all the latest jobs for a specific location (State or country) in your favourite newsreader. There is a separate RSS feed for each State level location.

For your convenience we've listed our RSS feeds here.
Each of the links to the right will provide you with subscription options for many popular newsreaders. Or right click on a link and "copy the shortcut" into your chosen newsreader.

New to RSS?

There's some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but the majority go for 'Really Simple Syndication'. Put plainly, it allows you to subscribe to content 'feeds' from web sites and have their latest articles delivered directly to you via a newsreader or aggregator. It's particularly well suited to web sites such as Jobs in HR which get updated regularly with fresh content. RSS is growing rapidly in popularity, you'll find it on many major news sites and it's likely to become as important as email (now there's a big statement!)  

What's a newsreader or aggregator?

There are literally hundreds of newsreaders and aggregators available. Some are stand alone applications, some are web based such as MyYahoo, and others are already integrated into free email and web browsing applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

Some 'add-ins' also exist for mainstream corporate applications such as Outlook, however we recommend caution and careful research before installing an 'add in' for any application which you rely upon for your daily work.

We have listed some useful references below;

News aggregators and readers (on Wikipedia)

The history of RSS (on Wikipedia)



Tip: The links below lead to auto-subscribe links for various popular news readers. Or right click on a link and "copy the shortcut" into your chosen newsreader.

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