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People look for jobs in many different ways!

..and over 4000 safety people use Jobs in Safety to keep an eye on the job market.

It's well known in the recruitment industry that a huge proportion (35%-45%) of people in skilled jobs are “passive job seekers”, which means they're interested in a career move, but don’t browse the traditional job boards regularly, if at all.

Therefore if you want to conduct a thorough recruitment campaign, a single advert on one of the big job boards just won't cut it. You will get responses, but you will only be reaching a fraction of the existing talent pool.

An advert with Jobs in Safety complements your other recruitment advertising and increases your chances of reaching the right people.

Our daily and weekly email bulletins deliver your job ad directly to a targeted audience comprising thousands of safety professionals around Australia.

We guarantee that an advert on Jobs in Safety will reach workplace safety specialists whom you won't reach through other advertising products!

Guaranteed To Increase Your Reach

Jobs in Safety is guaranteed to increase the reach of your advertising campaign, presenting your employment opportunity to a targeted audience of thousands of Safety people, many of whom you would not reach through traditional print media and 'job boards'.

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